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MICK JAGGER by Brian Bergdoll
PAUL McCARTNEY by Mike Miller
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It is February 9, 2014 and the world just finished watching a 50th Anniversary Grammy salute to The Beatles that would reunite Paul and Ringo on stage to perform.

Paul McCartney recieves a late night congratulatory phone call from Mick Jagger.  They begin to reminisce about their beginnings and coming to America to take the music world by
storm.  They jokingly discuss the infamous Beatles / Stones "bitter" rivalry, and that the bitterness was really within the two fan bases. Mick brings up his "envy" for The Beatles, who
had 4 musicians who could all sing, unlike Mick's, as well as churning out hit after hit at a rapid pace..but there was no "bitterness".

Mick mentions to Paul that June 1st (2014) will mark the 50th anniversary of when The Rolling Stones came over to the U.S. but because the band had already done a 50th anniversray
tour..of when they first started in 1962..there were no plans for a 50th tour to mark the American anniversary.

McCartney..who is embarking on a tour of his own to commemorate The Beatles 50th as well as the 40th anniversary of his critically acclaimed "Band On The Run" album.. mentions
how he will also be performing some of John, George and Ringo's songs as well for the first and only time on this tour. jest...mentions what it would be like if they were able to
celebrate both anniversaries together on stage, dispelling the  BITTER rivalry rumours that continue to this day by participating on each other's songs. Paul loves the idea for select
shows and cities that work for both of their schedules. Their conversation continues for 2 more hours putting ideas into place. Soon the two will hold a press conference with a "major
announcement to rock America".

In reality..would this ever truly happen?...NEVER!...Not with the real Paul McCartney and real Mick Jagger.

Presenting the "Nothing Is Real" (as John Lennon sang in "Strawberry Fields Forever") concert fantasy where the only thing real is the MUSIC!

Mike Miller from "One Sweet Dream: The Paul McCartney Experience!" is "Sir Paul".  Brian Bergdoll is "Sir Mick" from "The Rolling Tones". Both are backed by the OSD band alone and
together on stage to perform the early Beatles / Stones classics that propelled both bands to The Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame.

This rock and roll fantasy has "McCartney" opening with "Ticket To Ride" in tribute to their arrival from England to the U.S.  Soon afterwards, McCartney slams into "I Wanna Be Your
Man" ...a  Beatles song given to The Rolling Stones resulting in their first hit song .  Midway through, Mick rushes to the stage to share the vocals.  From this moment on, these two
British Rock legends take turns cranking out their hits as well as coming together on each other's songs for a remarkable musical experience!

An incredible finale follows an amazing set list which features such classics as "I Wanna Hold Your Hand", "The Last Time", "All My Loving", "Let's Spend The Night Together", "Yellow
Submarine", "Satisfaction",selections from the "Band On The Run" album, and MANY more!

"It's all in the mind you know" - George Harrison
One Sweet Dream...or Maybe Two
.....except the MUSIC!
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