Much to the fashion of the "Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame" All-Star finale  jams, British Legends
features a supergroup of professional british rock  impersonators.

Imagine going to a concert and experiencing McCartney's BEATLES, Daltrey's THE WHO,
ROLLING STONES, Ozzy, Elton, Rod Stewart, all in ONE concert!  Each tribute artist
performs their own individual set with a finale set that gets them all on stage together singing
parts on each other's songs as well as other British rock classics!

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Jay Gates as:
Mike Miller as  
Dave MacDonald as:
Doug Hancock as:
Charismatic, entertaining, talented,
Jay has rocked audiences in
casinos, clubs, and concert halls all

Oh sure, every Rod Stewart
impersonator has the haircut,
shoes, and clothes, some even
have the voice and moves. But in
addition to all that Jay has
something the other guys never will
have . . . he’s got the nose. HE’S
GOT THE NOSE! As Rod himself
would say, some guys have all the

His band "First Class Fool" has
recently been nominated for best
New England tribute band by
Limelight Magazine.
When the sun sets and darkness
falls across the land, Doug has
been known to Bark at the Moon!

A "lifelong Sabbath fan", Doug cut
his vocal teeth doing five years of
hard time with the original lineup of
metal band Insolent Bastards out of
Fitchburg.  During this time he met
his vocal coach, the incomparable
Jacque Chambers, then of Essex
MA, who more than doubled his
range and put him on the road he
travels today.  He honed his talents
with the beer band "CHUG!" which
exceeded all stated goals and
expectations.  DOUG is focused and
determined to deliver a true OZZY
experience as he pays homage to
the greatest Rock-n-Roll Rebel of
all time - OZZY!
"I almost fainted when I saw the
singer...he looks so much like
him"....John Entwistle

Dave's capture of Roger
Daltrey's look, voice,
movements, and physique is
absolutely chilling . As frontman
for the tribute band "Who's Next
(USA)", Dave becomes "Roger"
in every way when twirling his
microphone and belting out
such Who classics as "I Can't
Explain" and
"Won't Get Fooled Again".

Dave recently shared a bill with
reunited members of "Jefferson
Airplane", and has performed in
various casinos, The Trump
Marina, and BB Kings in NYC.  
"It's just like Paul isn't It!"
- Denny Laine, guitarist for "Paul McCartney &
Wings" and former lead singer of "The Moody Blues".

Mike is in his 20th year being "Macca". His tribute
has been featured in publications such as Forbes
Magazine and Beatle fanzines, radio and TV
stations including CNN, Comedy Central and the
syndicated "Maury Povich" show.  He has been
noted as being one of the best in capturing the
entire McCartney persona.  His tribute has traveled
all over the U.S. and Europe in various formats with
various entertainers including
Michael Jackson-endorsed impersonator Joby
Rogers performing their duets "The Girl Is Mine"
and "Say Say Say". Most recently, former "Wings"
guitarist Denny Laine performed a set with Mike's
tribute band "One Sweet Dream: The Paul
McCartney Experience!"

Mike brings the sights and sounds of Sir Paul's
Beatles and Wings years to BLL!
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Bill Connors as:
Bill has been a mainstay on the dueling
pianos circuit for many years.

His top-notch portrayal of the one and only
Sir Elton John has been a recurring
stint with the show "Legends In Concert"
which first originated in Las Vegas. Most
recently, his tribute has earned him 2
appearances on the hit TV show "America's
Got Talent". Bill can cover any Elton era, and
has the costumes to prove it!

An avid Beatles fan, he is especially excited
to be amongst the likes of the other "Sir"
(Paul), as well as his other fellow brits.
Brian Bergdoll as
As frontman for "The Rolling Tones", Brian's
"MicK" is EXACT in both sight, sound and moves!

Originally from Boston, Brian now showcases his
many talents in New York City. He has been
featured in such media publications as New York
Magazine, The NY Times, The Daily News,
Newsday, and many more throughout the east
coast.  He has also been interviewed on CNN and
various talk shows.

Brian is also a member of The Screen Actor's Guild
and has been a stand in for many actors on movie

His performing creditals include Trump's Taj
Mahal, Chicago's Wrigley Field, Planet Hollywood,
The Lincoln Center For The Performing Arts as
well as Atlantic City Casinos.

It's Only Rock & Roll, and he likes it!
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